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Let's put it all together.

My approach to supervision is to hear about the challenges you encounter and the strategies you have worked with, then try to offer something that may complement your skills, be thought provoking, or help you to make other links in your knowledge.




I am a counsellor, with a passion for counselling.

My knowledge encompasses my human experience, my studies, client engagement, and my passion for growth.

I would like to pass on anything I have learned during my years of counselling practice that may be of use to others.  I have worked in a wide range of fields, so my knowledge is drawn from; acute crisis work, trauma processing and support, couples therapy, career planning, family therapy, short and long term engagement with clients, and all the conundrums of being in business as a Counsellor.

I am dedicated to continued growth and professional development, and regularly attend seminars, training, and conferences in order to keep my knowledge and practice current.

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